Contemporary anthology with Caroline Linden, Maya Rodale, and Katharine Ashe

A stately home in the English countryside seems the ideal place for a bad boy billionaire and his bride to tie the knot. Until the Internet fails. And the oven breaks. And paparazzi invade. And police crash the bachelorette party. And four unlikely couples discover that passion never waits for perfection, and happily ever after is just an “I do” away.

My story is 


Arwen Kilpatrick gets her big break when she’s hired to organize the wedding of an old friend—to a billionaire. Arwen doesn’t have time for romance, not even with the sexy hotel handyman, Harry Compton. But putting on the wedding of the year means dealing with one surprise after another, including the discovery that Harry is so much more than he seems. 


The man, Harry she presumed, was on his knees fiddling with the plug and revealing several inches of skin between a black T-shirt and low-hanging blue jeans. Not to mince words, he was showing butt crack. Crack of mighty fine butt.

Harry, the handyman who knew everything, was tall and lithe with intriguing hints of strength beneath the tee. And what a fabulous butt. The hips were slender, but the glutes well developed, doubtless by constant manual labor in the service of his noble overlords.

Arwen’s notions of the British aristocracy were vague, gained from reading about the royals in People magazine and, more recently, in Jane Sparks’s historical romance novels. She was fairly sure they didn’t have much real power anymore, but she kind of enjoyed imagining this hunky guy shaking off the shackles of oppression and stringing up his cruel masters from streetlamps. Although that, she remembered from an old movie version of A Tale of Two Cities, was the French Revolution. She’d majored in Environmental Studies at Emory, with an undeclared minor in the history of party-giving.




The Lady Authors enter the 21st century and have a wonderful time doing it.