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Miranda Neville
  Sexy Sophisticated Historical Romance  




Four friends were kicked out of Oxford and went on to spread merry havoc, until everything fell apart. Find out what happens ten years later.



 October 16, 2012 from Avon Impulse

Eleanor Hardwick and Max Quinton shared one night of incredible passion…that was shattered the next day, when Eleanor learned of a bet placed by Max's friends. Now, five years later, Max still can't get Eleanor out of his head or his heart. He has a single chance to make a second impression—one that will last forever.

This novella is a prequel to the Wild Quartet and  introduces Caro, the heroine of THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING WICKED

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December, 2012, Avon

The rules of society don't apply to Caro and her coterie of bold men and daring women. But when passions flare, even the strongest will surrender to the law of love....
Thomas, Duke of Castleton, has every intention of wedding a prim and proper heiress. That is, until he sets eyes on the heiress's cousin, easily the least proper woman he's ever met. His devotion to family duty is no defense against the red-headed vixen whose greatest asset seems to be a talent for trouble...
Caroline Townsend has no patience for the oh-so-suitable (and boring) men of the ton. So when the handsome but stuffy duke arrives at her doorstep, she decides to put him to the test. But her scandalous exploits awaken a desire in Thomas he never knew he had.  Suddenly Caro finds herself falling for this most proper duke...while Thomas discovers there's a great deal of fun in a little bit of wickedness.

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 September 2013, Avon

Charm, wit, and nerves of steel have helped Marcus Lithgow gamble his way across the Continent. But when his heart is at stake, all bets are off for this most perfect rogue ... 

It's been years since Marcus set foot in England–why toy with the ton when he can fleece wealthy fools in Paris and Rome? Yet everything changes when he inherits a ramshackle estate. Marcus's first and only chance at a respectable life needs funding ... the kind Anne Brotherton can provide. Such a wallflower should be ripe for the picking. So why does Marcus fell like he's the one hanging by a thread?

Anne Brotherton is sick and tired of being an heiress. She cannot bring herself to marry a fortune hunter. Why can't men like her for her sharp mind and kind hearts rather than her impressive dowry?

She nearly falls for Marcus's smooth seduction. But when Anne realized she's being strung along, a lust for payback empowers her like never before. Two can play the game of deception. The game of love, however, has its own rules.

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 July 2014, Avon

Damian, Earl of Windermere, rues the day he drunkenly gambled away his family's estate and was forced into marriage to reclaim it. Now, after hiding out from his new bride for a year, Damian is finally called home, only to discover that his modest bride has become an alluring beauty—and rumor has it that she's taken a lover. Damian vows to keep his wife from straying again, but to do so he must seduce her—and protect his heart from falling for the wife he never knew he wanted.

Cynthia never aspired to be the subject of scandal. But with her husband off gallivanting across Persia, what was a lady to do? Flirting shamelessly with his former best friend seemed like the perfect revenge . . . except no matter how little Damian deserves her loyalty, Cynthia can't bring herself to be unfaithful. But now that the scoundrel has returned home, Cynthia isn't about to forgive his absence so easily—even if his presence stirs something in her she'd long thought dead and buried. He might win her heart . . . if he can earn her forgiveness!

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P.S. I LOVE YOU in the anthology AT THE DUKE'S WEDDING.

Handsome, inarticulate Frank Newnham asks for his cousin Christian's help when he woos Rosanne Lacy by letter. Rosanne falls for Frank's delicious prose, but when they meet in person at the duke's wedding party, Rosanne can't understand why Frank seems so ... dull. And why is she drawn to the dark brooding Earl of Bruton, with his scarred face and air of melancholy?  

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The Rake, the Bookworm, and the Dandy. An ill-assorted trio of noblemen with two things in common: they love books and they are sexy as hell.

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March 2010, Avon

The Marquis of Chase is not a reputable man ...Expelled by his virtuous father for crimes too hideous to mention, polite society barely acknowledges his scandalous existence. What then does he want with a very respectable tradeswoman?

Juliana Merton's rare book shop is struggling ...  Tragically widowed, the last thing she needs is the attentions of a rakish marquis, however appealing. But for reasons she can't understand he looks like becoming her best customer.

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October 2010, Avon

Diana Fanshawe has always wanted to be a duchess.   She uses Sebastian Iverley to get to his ducal cousin, but finds she can't forget the brilliant but unconventional viscount.

Sebastian Iverley has no time for women. Until he meets the beautiful Diana. When he learns she is trifling with him, he starts a game of seduction and revenge that can only end in disaster ... or true love.

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August 2011, Avon

Tarquin Compton is famous for his exquisite taste and his poisonous tongue. Among the victims of the latter was Celia Seaton, a debutante too unimportant for him to even remember.

Celia has fallen on hard times when the hated Mr. Compton crosses her path, under ... unusual ... circumstances. She decides to make use of him, and get a little revenge, but, stripped of his clothes and his memory, Tarquin  turns out to be a very different man.

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April 2012, Avon

The Burgundy Club, Book Four. The long awaited story of Minerva Montrose and the Marquis of Blakeney. 

They couldn't be more different, but there's one thing they agree on. Clever, ambitious Minerva  & the handsome sportsman  Blakeney are the last couple who should ever marry. But some plans are born to go astray...

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Indie Bound

  And a free prequel short story  A GIFT FOR A PRINCESS

This free short story tells the story of Susanna Burley, a penniless widow, and Simon Wynford, the attractive scholar who is courting Susanna'a employer and never seems to notice the humble companion. Or perhaps he does. They keep running into each other in the oddest places. The story stands alone, but one of the locations is the book shop run by Mrs. Juliana Merton, the heroine of The Wild Marquis.


            My first book, a standalone



March 2009, Avon

On the run for a crime she didn't commit, Jacobin's only refuge is the kitchen of the one man she'd prefer to avoid. Now she must tempt the dissolute earl with her delectable desserts and keep him from discovering her true identity.

To Anthony, Earl of Storrington, his pastry cook is the instrument of revenge against an old enemy. Yet how can he resist her perfect patisserie and sizzling kisses?

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