Scoundrels of Summer

May 15, 2017

This collection was offered for a limited time only and is no longer available.

Every scoundrel meets his match…and loses his heart. Four sexy summer novellas from the award-winning authors of At the Duke’s Wedding.

All stories previously published.

Seducing the Single Lady by Maya Rodale
Susannah Grey is enjoying life as London’s most sought-after heiress until the rogue she was supposed to marry unexpectedly returns, intent on wooing her for real. A Regency Romance inspired by the songs of Beyoncé.
A Study in Scandal by Caroline Linden
Lady Samantha Lennox is fleeing an arranged marriage when she finds herself lost, accosted, and almost drowned, only to be rescued by a handsome artist…who makes her start dreaming of happily-ever-after. A Scandalous novella.
Duchess of Scandal by Miranda Neville
The Duke and Duchess of Linton have lived apart ever since the first disastrous months of their marriage, until they accidentally visit the same property at the same time and the undeniable passion between them sparks back to life. Previously published in Dancing in the Duke's Arms
The Scoundrel and I by Katharine Ashe
Gabrielle Flood just made the worst mistake of her life. Dashing Captain Anthony Masinter came along…and made it even worse. He’s the last person on earth who can help her fix it, but disaster may be exactly what they need to fall in love.